***2019 Pictures UPDATED 2/7/19***

Thank you for considering donating time, money, or equipment to the St. Germain Radar Racers. The Radar Racers are a nonprofit organization that donates every penny raised during the St. Germain Radar Run back to the community and to The Pink Ribbon Riders.
Established in 2004, the St. Germain Radar Run was created as a safe venue for snowmobile racing, and a winter event to help our local community. We suddenly grew into an organization that raises tens of thousands of dollars each year. Over 75% of that money is now donated back to local civic groups such as the St. Germain Lions Club, St. Germain Fire and Rescue, Plum Lake Ambulance, and the Bo Boen Snowmobile Club. Our primary benefactor is breast cancer and Pink Ribbon Riders.
All of the directors and organizers are volunteers. No money is used for salaries or paid positions. Roughly 25% of the funds raised is needed for advertising, equipment, and set up for our two day event.

If you were looking for a way to donate to our efforts you have these options.
1. We have several ladies who volunteer each year to raise money through the annual bikini run. You can email us, and we’d be happy to steer you to several of these volunteers with online sites for pledges to compete in this year’s event.
2. You can mail a check to St. Germain Radar Racers, PO Box 232, St. Germain WI 54558.
3. We have a pay pal account link below that you can use to donate on line.

Your donation will be divided between the St. Germain Fire and Rescue, Plum Lake Ambulance, and Pink Ribbon Riders. We always are looking for sponsors too. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Shelly at 715-891-1773 or knockerspizza@frontier.com

Thanks you for visiting our web site, and we look forward to seeing you on the ice this year!