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Held On The West Bay of Little St Germain Lake, Jan 29 & 30 2016

Twilight-660' Snow Track
Thunderbird-1000' Shaved Ice, Fastest In Wisconsin
Fly Racing Speed Runs !
Friday Jan 30th(12-8) Sat(10-4)
All Age Groups Enjoy
Bikini Races Sat 1:00pm
Family Activities
The 180 MPH Club !
 Fastest Speeds $$ Purse


Friday's Events Include: (NEW TO 2016)!!!


  • Tracks are open 1 pm to 4 pm  - Registration opens at noon.
  • Radar Runs on the Twilight 660 
  • Fly Racing Speed Runs on the Thunderbird 1000
  • Sprecher's Heated Beer Tent with Food provided by the Bo Boen Snowmobile Club 12-8 pm
  • Music and Vendors all day!


The event is held on the West end of "Little St Germain" lake near the intersection of Paton Road and Hwy 70(map). We have trailer parking on the ice(ice parking is safe)next to the return lane. Follow the signs from " Shocker's" to the track ! 


Timber’s Bar and Grill

 Friday Night Under the Lights

Noon: Registration Opens

- Registration opens for all weekend events

1-4 pm: Fly Racing Speed Runs

- Test your sled on 1000' of shaved ice or 660' of groomed snow.

3 pm: Weber's Wildlife Pump Gas shoot out trail ride begins

5 pm: Weber's Wildlife Pump Gas Shoot our drag racing Under the Lights

-Click here for rules and regs

6 pm: Snow Outlaw Drag Racing Under the Lights

- Watch the ten fastest sled in the Midwest compete on snow for top honors

5 pm-8 pm: Open Drag Racing on Ice Under the Lights

- Drag raced your friends fon 660' of shaved ice under the lights

- Open to everyone- Only $5/run

  Radar Fun Runs sponsored by Straight Line Racing on the Twilight 660' Under the Lights

- Open to everyone 5-8pm

Saturday's Events Include:

  • Registration opens at 9am
  • Fun Run's sponsored by Straight Line Racing & Trophy Runs 10am-4pm
  • 2016 Yamaha Demo Rides
  • Knockers Pizza Co. Bikini Run 1 PM featuring Divas SnowGear
    Proceeds from the Bikini Run races will be donated to:Pink Ribbon Riders, St Germain Fire Dept
    and Plum Lake Ambulance.
  • 2 pm Webers Wildlife Snow Outlaw Shoot Out Show
  • Speed Runs on Ice
  • Top 10 Outlaw Racing Finale
  • Serving food and beverages(Provided by the Bo-Boen Snowmobile Club) every day in the Sprecher Indoor Heated Tent !
  • Music sponsored by Badger Glass & Don-Rick Ins. of Baraboo
  • Vender's Row by Parsons of Eagle River
  • Spectator's Shuttle sponsored by Danny's Roadhouse
  • Porta Tree Timing systems sponsored by Pub n Prime
  • Trophy Racing on the Thunderbird Pass 1000(shaved ice) Fun runs on the Twilight Bar 660(snow) sponsored by Straight Line Racing
  • Tropy Presentation and Prizes for the top Three Speeds in each class will be at "Whitetail Inn of St Germain"- 5:30pm

Entrance Fees: 

  • 660' on Snow $5 each or 5 runs for $20
  • 1000' on Shaved Ice $25 entrance fee includes 3 runs extra runs are $5 each or 5 runs for $20
  • $40 entrance fee for "Open Modified Unlimited Class"

The Prizes:

All classes are sponsored for trophies and prizes. Prizes will be awarded at "The Whitetail Inn" after the race on Saturday(5:30). Each year the top speed driver is awarded the "Snow King" trophy and will be held on display at the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame 
Please welcome our NEW Official Radio Sponsor NRG Media !!   

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